40 years ago, on Sunday 21st May 1970, Border Liners held their first Orienteering Event in nearby Greystoke Forest. Greystoke is now totally unsuitable for Orienteering, so we moved the Celebrations to the nearest alternative Venue and Date...

40th Anniversary Picnic, Eycott Hill

BORDER LINERS 40th Anniversary Event & Picnic at Eycott Hill, Berrier near Penrith
Saturday 22nd May 2010
GR NY 388 306

Thanks to Shirley for the Picture

... and Angela Whitworth's event report


DICK WHITWORTH (who competed at Greystoke - his first Orienteering Event - 40 years ago) for Planning and Organising a most enjoyable day out in DEFINITELY NOT Eycott Hill weather.

AVIS ARMER for the welcome refreshments

ALL OF YOU who brought Picnics and made it a really good, sociable day out.

There was a simple course for youngsters, and 2 courses of approx 4.5km and 7.5km which were "a little bit different from the usual"!! These involved running the Junior Course, followed by another seven or fourteen extra controls, which had NO Markers, Control Descriptions OR code numbers, just SI Boxes on plastic boards. Caught a few of us out! It could have been worse - there were NO Dummy Controls (although no-one told us that), so every SI Box on the ground matched a circle on your map. Just a matter of identifying Which One.

Entry fees were 1 guinea for seniors, and 1 florin for juniors!