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8th Jan 2012, Penrith Beacon - Results/Splits


28th Jan 2012, High Stand - Results/Splits

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11th Feb 2012, Talkin Tarn - Results/Splits

Routegadget (orange and green)Winsplits (orange only)

Please note that as the green was a 'non standard' course, the format for this on routegadget is slightly different to usual.
All controls were mandatory, but five were 'wild cards' which could be taken in any order, so each runner does not necessarily have the same course.
Select a name on the green course in routegadget and 'view routes' to see the order in which that person visited the controls, even if they haven't drawn their route yet.
Tip: select too many names and you will have a spider's web of pink lines, so best to have only one or two competitors selected at any one time.
'View animation' works without a drawn route (remember to click 'start'), and will show the order in which the competitor visited the controls, but not the actual route.

19th Feb 2012, Askham Fell - Results/Splits

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Compass Sport Cup and Trophy

10th Mar 2012, Coombs Wood - Results/Splits


20th Apr 2012, Penrith QEGS (Schools Selection) - Results/Splits

25th Apr 2012, Ratlingate (Schools League 1) - Results/Splits

25th Apr 2012, Miltonrigg Wood - Results/Splits


2nd May 2012, Sheepmount (Schools League 2) - Results/Splits

9th May 2012, Talkin Tarn (Schools League 3) - Results/Splits

16th May 2012, Rickerby Park West (Schools League 4) - Results/Splits

23rd May 2012, Chances Park (Schools League 5) - Results/Splits

23rd May 2012, Carlisle Parks - Results/Splits

30th May 2012, Hammonds Pond (Schools Presentation) - Results/Splits

13th June 2012, Hackthorpe New Wood - Results/Splits

8th Jul 2012, Eycott Hill - Results/Splits

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18th Jul 2012, Faulds Brow - Results/Splits


15th Aug 2012, High Pike - Results/Splits


8th Sep 2012, Aughertree - Results/Splits


29th Sep 2012, Carlisle Urban - Results/Splits

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Micro-O Results (PDF)

Assessment Report (PDF)

20th Oct 2012, Milton Rigg - Results/Splits


1st Nov 2012, Penrith Beacon - Results/Splits

3rd Nov 2012, Gowbarrow - Results/Splits


1st Dec 2012, Carlisle, Lowry Hill and Kingmoor - Results/Splits


29th Dec 2012, Whittas Park Charity Event - Results/Splits


The medium course (all controls in random order) is published as a separate event on RouteGadget. By selecting individual competitors and using the 'courses on/off' and 'view routes' check boxes, you can see the order in which the controls were visited. Please note: - there is no line from the last control visited to the finish.