Border Liners Orienteering Club runs events throughout the year, for all ages and abilities, in great locations in North and East Cumbria.
Come on, Try it! - you don't need to be a member. Improve your fitness, enjoy the views, indulge your competitive streak!
Our Saturday informal meetings have a minimum of two courses - a 2-3k easy 'Short' (or 'Orange') and a harder 'Long' (or 'Green') for more experienced orienteers. This is a sport for the whole family!
Running or walking gear recommended - bring a waterproof, spare shoes and warm clothes for after. Compass useful but not essential for easy courses. Bring a whistle if you have one. Bigger events may have catering and toilets, but that's the exception to the rule so make your own arrangements. Arrive in good time and allow an hour or so to do your course. Let the organiser know you are a beginner so they can help you. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult unless they are experienced orienteers. Beginners 'On the Day' checklist (PDF)

See the Newcomer's Guide on the British Orienteering website, and we have some useful info on our Club Resources pages

Get a preview of some orienteering maps on RouteGadget - and see some of the routes runners have chosen!

You can do it in towns too! Fancy a go at urban orienteering? Take a look at the map from Penrith Urban Nopesport Final. The symbols and colours are different to an 'ordinary' o map. Find information about this, and a whole lot more, at Here's a video taster from Race The Castles 2015.

It's a truly international sport!
The IOF (International Orienteering Federation) website has orienteering news from all over the world, and resources include a video library.

Book Recommendation

Mcneil Book Cover

Orienteering: Skills - Techniques - Training
Crowood Sports Guides - Orienteering
By Carol McNeill
ISBN 978-1-8479-206-4
£9.99 from Crowood Press via their website, Harvey's and elsewhere.
Over 200 maps & photographs in full colour.

Carol McNeill boasts a long and successful career in orienteering, and has wide experience in coaching. Her book begins with an introduction to the sport, and has sections covering the basic skills right through to advanced techniques. Lots of practical information and advice.


Monthly Events Come on, Try it!
Suitable for all - kids, families, beginner adults, runners, experienced orienteers.
Courses to suit beginners and the more experienced. Advice available. BL Fixtures
You don't need to be a member to participate, but please consider joining if you come to our events regularly.

How to join Border Liners (BL) and British Orienteering (BO)

Go to choose how you want to pay your fee and designate BL (Border Liners) as your club. BL will be informed automatically that you have paid your fee and joined our club.

It is possible to just be a member of BL without being a member of British Orienteering, though you won't get an entry discount at Galoppens (bigger events with more courses and held all over Cumbria) or the various other retail discounts which come with the BO part of the membership.
“Friend of BL” membership: This is available for anybody who is registered with BO through another Club, and for individuals who only wish to go to local events. To renew your membership as a Friend of BL for 2018 please send your details, including email address, and the fee (Senior £5 and Junior £1) to: Shirley Moss, 3 The Meadows, Cliburn, Penrith, CA10 3AH. Please make cheques payable to Border Liners Orienteering Club.

Individuals who may be interested in joining a club are insured for a maximum of 3 initial “taster” sessions. For indemnity to apply it is essential that the club records their name, address and dates of attendance. These details must be retained as they may be called upon in the event of a claim. To be insured, the individual must be a member of British Orienteering from their 4th visit.

Go Outdoors in Penrith are pleased to offer a 10% discount to all BL members - and in all areas of the store, not just the running department. This is in addition to the Go Outdoors club card price, but would not be applicable to SALE or WOW deals. If you don't have a BO membership card (ie BL club members only), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Don't forget that British Orienteering also offers a good range of member discounts (you need to be a member and logged in to access these)