Covid Safe Orienteering

British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct (PDF)
Please read this document before attending an orienteering event!

See the British Orienteering page on COVID SAFE ORIENTEERING for up to date news and guidance.

There will be NO NOVICE COURSES at any of our events

Monday 8th July, 7pm, Shap School

Please park in the car park for the Old Courthouse (Shap Library) on the West side of Main Street: Streetmap link

If that's full then park on the road outside. Try and keep the main village car park and school car park free for the village – Monday 7pm is a busy time in Shap with various activities starting and finishing.

Then assemble near the main entrance to the school in the school car park, where hopefully I've managed to park my car: Streetmap link

The first exercise will be a standard course, fastest time about 10 mins – bring your SI-Cards. There will be some more (optional) exercises afterwards which will remain secret until you've done the first one!