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Middle distance urban race, Brampton

Saturday 15th June 2019 (updates 12th June in RED below)

North West Urban League 2019 event

Event information

Border Liners Brampton event on Saturday June 15th is part one of a "North Country Triple” of events straddling the North loosely along Hadrians Wall. Border Liners have linked with Northern Navigators (NN) & Newcastle & Tyneside Orienteers (NATO) to offer 3 urban/sprint events as follows:

1: Saturday morning, BL urban, Brampton. This is a North West Urban League event (NWUL).

2: Saturday afternoon, NN Sprint, Saltwell Park, Gateshead

3: Sunday NATO Newcastle/Gateshead urban race, part of UK urban league series (UKUL)

Directions & Parking: Parking is at The Sands, Brampton. This is a public green just on the NE side of the town which is bisected by the A6071 as it leaves Brampton eastwards towards the A69. Parking is around the edges of the green on The Swartle and Station road. There is plenty of space but please leave space for residents to get out of their drives and for vehicles to pass. Please do not park on the A6071 as this is Brampton's through route.

OS grid reference NY535612. Nearest postcode CA8 1UQ.

If travelling by rail Brampton railway station is approximately 1 mile out of the town on the South East side.

Event centre: Registration and the event base is in the centre of the northern part of the green in the “Witches Hat” hut. It should be within sight of wherever you park around the green. At registration will be enquiries, entry on the day, key drop.

Toilets: There are no event toilets. There are public toilets in Brampton town centre just off the A6071 as you pass through the town. It is approximately 600m from the registration hut back to the toilets. The postcode for the toilets is CA8 1NE.

Entry on the day: Entry fees on the day are £6.00 adult, £2.50 junior/student.

Newcomers: If you have not tried orienteering before and want to try it out in an urban environment please come along. We will have someone at registration who will be able to explain what to do and how to read and interpret the map. If you would like to know more about orienteering before turning up take a look at our new to orienteering information on our website.

Registration & start times: Registration 9:45 to 11:00. Start times 10:00 to 11:30. Courses close 12:45.

Course information: There will be 3 courses. Long and short will be technical courses, with long approximately 3.9km, short 3km, both with numerous controls and mix of middle and short legs. There will also be an easier course for novices or beginners of approximately 1.6km. Unfortunately Brampton does not lend itself to junior courses as there is no large park or quiet traffic-calmed estate areas of sufficient size suitable. Juniors (those below the age of 16) are welcome to run on any of the courses but must be accompanied or shadowed at all times by an adult. This is a condition of British Orienteering's insurance and cannot be avoided.

Standard urban league classes will be “mapped” to courses as below. You can enter any course you like but to be eligible for NWUL points competitors must enter the class appropriate for their age.


Open Men

M18 M20 M21 M35



Veteran Men 40+

M40 M45 M50



Supervet Men 55+

M55 M60



Ultravet Men 65+

M65 M70



Hypervet Men 75+




Junior Men 16-

M14 M16



Young Junior Men 12-

M10 M12



Open Women

W18 W20 W21 W35



Veteran Women 40+

W40 W45 W50



Supervet Women 55+

W55 W60



Ultravet Women 65+

W65 W70



Hypervet Women 75+




Junior Women 16-

W14 W16



Young Junior Women 12-

W10 W12


Timing: SI electronic timing will be used and controls will be configured for contactless punching using SIAC. For those who do not have their own dibber for use with SI timing standard dibbers will be available to borrow from registration for use at this event. There is no charge to borrow the dibber but please be aware that lost dibbers incur a cost of £30.

Start & finish: The start is approximately 250m from registration. Start times are not allocated - just turn up and go. There will be no clothing dump or clothing transfer. We expect to offer loose control descriptions which will be available at the start. The finish is a similar distance in approximately the same direction and should be visible from the start but they are not adjacent. The finish may not be manned at all times. Please remember to download after you have finished, even if you have not completed the course. This is our safety check to ensure that all starters have returned safely.

Map: Updated Spring 2019 by Border Liners. The map will be A4 in size printed on waterproof paper at a scale of 1:4000.

The previous use of Brampton was in June 2017 with the map from that event shown on Routegadget here.

Standard urban mapping has been applied except where the tags on uncrossable fences would have made reading the map more difficult in which case the solid wall uncrossable boundary has been used. We think this will be obvious on the ground should you encounter such an occurrence as it should be obvious it is not crossable. Uncrossable boundaries in any case have been marked as little as possible in the aid of map clarity and have only been used where the boundary appears to be open space on either side of the wall or fence but where the boundary is itself not to be crossed or the other side is private and we do not have permission to use it. All private property (eg gardens) has been mapped with the standard olive green. Uncrossable or out of bounds symbols will be on display at registration.

Terrain notes: Brampton is a small market town having an old compact complex town centre with fragmented small car park areas surrounded by estate housing of varying vintage. Saturday morning is often a busy time in Brampton so in the town centre expect to meet shoppers around every corner and cars moving about trying to get into or out of parking spaces. There will be some climb on the courses but the town centre is for the most part reasonably flat. Should you choose a route which crosses playing fields and a football game is taking place please go around.  

Note: course lengths will be “middle distance” (ie slightly shorter than maybe expected for a full urban race) in order to ensure some keen entrants have sufficient energy to head across to Gateshead for an afternoon sprint race.

Clothing: Shorts may be worn. There is very little off-road running so trainers or shoes with rubber studs are suitable.

Refreshments: Brampton town centre has a number of tea rooms which would welcome your custom as well as convenience stores. It’s not far to walk into the centre. The tourist office is in the Moot Hall in the centre where you can find other things to do in the area.

Dogs: Dogs are welcome at the event around assembly but please do not take out on the course.

Safety & risk: Orienteering is an adventure sport. A comprehensive risk assessment for the event has been carried out by the organiser, however please be aware that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. Please take care crossing all roads. Please respect shoppers & residents of Brampton who will be going about their normal business. Some of the routes in the centre of town and housing estates are narrow and have blind corners. Please take all corners wide and take extra care in the event of wet weather. Parents are responsible for their children and advice is available on request about what courses may be suitable. 

Privacy: Border Liners may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, club affiliation, race times and age group. Border Liners privacy policy is here.

Acknowledgements: For access Border Liners would like to thank Brampton Parish Council, Brampton Primary School, Brampton Community Centre.

Organiser & planner: Keith Tonkin (keith at