Guides and documents for our planners, organisers and volunteer helpers

BL Club Officials: Job Descriptions



Selected British Orienteering guides

Rules, including insurance FAQ and accident report forms etc
Safeguarding and Safety
Documents including Risk Assessment
Event Checklists

For information on Volunteering, Coaching, Developing Permanent Courses, Mapping, Organising & Planning Events and Marketing Support: log in to the British Orienteering website and choose from the drop down menu under 'Get Involved'

Planners and Organisers: advice and printable documents

Help, advice and printable files shared by organisers and planners of previous events.

BL Club Tent (Tailgate Awning) Instructions: tailgateawning.pdf

Christine Goulding contributed these files based on the Coombs Wood (level C) event, March 13th 2011

Organiser's Responsibilities - Read this First: doc, PDF

Risk Assessment - SAMPLE: doc, PDF

Equipment List: doc, PDF

Flyer - SAMPLE: doc, PDF

Late Details - SAMPLE: doc, PDF

Dog Walkers' Notice - SAMPLE : doc, PDF
Alternative Public Notice (A Evans edit 2016) - SAMPLE : doc, PDF

Registration, dibber payments, info for new people - SAMPLE: doc, PDF

Helpers, Job Descriptions, & Times - SAMPLE: docx, PDF
(revised December 2016, D. Whitworth)

Adam Bennett wrote this schedule and information sheet after organising two informal (level D) events.
Beginners Guide to Planning or Planning by a Beginner doc, PDF
(revised November 2014, C. Goulding)

plus, a sample Entries Registration Sheet for informal events where 'pink cards' are not in use doc, PDF

Planners - What's Different about Sprints?

"I thought Sprint was just for posers until I tried it. Now I am an addict!...."

Urban Events: Some Thoughts and Advice (PDF)

What's different about Sprint - David May, JK08 Sprint Planner (PDF)

Thanks to Paul and Judy Johnson