Saturday 9th February - Gelt Woods Level D (Local)

Postcode: CA8 1SX, Grid reference: NY519591
Entry registration will be in the little office, just before the car park which is at the entrance to the woods. Please could all competitors note that parking is tight once the car park is full. Please park sensibly on the slip roads and beware of other cars and runners.
Gelt Wood is a fairly steep river gorge feature. The terrain is a mixture of very runnable wooded tracks and trails, interspersed with some contour details, and a mixture of small crags, boulders and a river gorge running North to South West. Please note some of the crags on the map are unpassable with steep drops, courses have been planned to steer clear of these areas.
Registration: open from 10.30am. Starts are between 11am and 12noon. Courses close 1.30pm.
Fees: Seniors/Juniors £4/£2
Green (challenging) – 4.7km
Short Green (challenging) – 3.7km
Orange (easy navigation, mostly paths) – 3.1km
Map scale all courses – 1:7500 with 5m contours, updated 2017 to show IOSM map symbols.
Dogs are permitted but must be on a lead.
Safety: competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. If travelling alone please leave your keys at registration. All competitors who start must report to download, even if they retire.
Due to the time of year the underfoot conditions are slippery, please take care. You may encounter dog walkers, other runners, cyclists and ramblers. Please give plenty of space.
Whistles are compulsory, waterproof jackets may be compulsory in the case of bad weather.
Safety bearing is WEST until you hit the track that runs on the EAST side of the river, follow the track North until you encounter Finish at the car park.