“Five people got all the answers right in the Towns and Cities quiz. The tie-breaker was to come up with the best clue for a town or city in Wales (since I didn't have any in the original).

Choosing a winner was very hard but eventually I decided that my favourite was Richard Moss’s so he wins the bottle of wine, though how to get it to him remains unresolved. Most people, in addition to their official entry, sent me other clues that they had devised so I have collated them all into a new quiz which is now available - attached. There are no prizes and the answers will be published in a few weeks’ time. Richard’s winning tie-break entry is the first one in the list.” Karen Parker

Welsh Pictorial Descriptions Quiz (PDF)
Please note, file replaced on May 23rd. The word lengths for no. 14 are (5,6) not (5,5) as shown in original version.

The crossword is still available, so don't look at the answers yet if you haven't tried it yet!

Crossword (PDF)


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