BL Club evening training event, Monday 11th November 2019
An evening urban event at Scaws, Penrith

Assembly, start and finish:
Junction of Oak Road and Brentfield Way, Penrith
Adjacent to Beaconside Primary School. GR: NY 523304
Parking: along Oak Road on north side

Start window: 19.00 to 19.30 (Last start: 19.30 sharp)
There will be three training opportunities available:
1. Short course 3.5 km 10 controls
2. Long course 4.7 km 13 controls
3. Intermediate map memory course, with or without unmarked map (runner’s choice)

No punches or kites. Controls will all be on indicated lamp-posts.
Bring a pen to mark code number.
Head torches may be useful but are not essential (since all controls are lit). Courses not suitable for unaccompanied juniors.

Afterwards for tea/coffee/cocoa (and possibly cakes) at Patricia and Andrew Bell’s:
Tor Croft, Nicolson Lane, Penrith CA11 7UL