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Permanent Orienteering Courses
There are quite a number of permanent, or fixed, orienteering courses.
These are of particular interest to beginners, but also useful for anyone wishing to practice their navigation skills - or just to make a walk or run more interesting. British Orienteering have a search facility so you can find courses in an area that interests you, together with information and location details.
British Orienteering, Permanent Orienteering Courses

Share Your Routes - the more the merrier!*
Did you know? If you have a number of tracks on one course, you can do a mass start replay and see who got ahead, who fell behind, and where.
Routegadget is a great way to view maps and courses from previous events - especially useful if you haven't been to a particular area before. An excellent resource for planners too.
RouteGadget home page with user guides
*If you save a route then decide you aren't happy with it (GPS routes can be especially tricky with non-georeferenced maps), you can delete it on the computer you drew it on. Or let us know and we'll delete it for you.

Saturday and no local orienteering?
Judy Johnson recommends you give this a go... 'I thought it might be interesting for members to know about the Penrith Park Run (if they don't already).
Park Runs happen all over the country, but this is one of the more recent startups - a 5km time trial at Frenchfield Sports Ground.
9am every Saturday morning - free to enter - just register online and download a barcode to take along. A flat 2 lap course mainly on grass.'
Judy adds: 'Not nearly as enjoyable as orienteering but very good for improving speed (no pain- no gain)!!
Very informal and not really a race, but results and other interesting statistics on the internet within a couple of hours.
Facilities in the pavilion and coffee after.
It would be nice if we could get a few more Border Liners along. All ages and abilities welcome.
Lots of info here:

Book Recommendation

Mcneil Book Cover

Orienteering: Skills - Techniques - Training
Crowood Sports Guides - Orienteering
By Carol McNeill
ISBN 978-1-8479-206-4
£9.99 from Crowood Press via their website, Harvey's and elsewhere.
Over 200 maps & photographs in full colour.

Carol McNeill boasts a long and successful career in orienteering, and has wide experience in coaching. Her book begins with an introduction to the sport, and has sections covering the basic skills right through to advanced techniques. Lots of practical information and advice.

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