Border Liners Orienteering Club was formed in Autumn 1969. Our first event was in May 1970 in Greystoke Forest.

Spring 1970 from Ian's Article '10 Years On' 1979

"Preparations are underway for our first event. We start from scratch with everything. At a club meeting at Alan's house we propose to underwrite the first event to the tune of £10 each. Visits to the OS rooms in Carlisle Castle to cut the white plastic, paint it, staple it and put hangers and numbers on take up a lot of time and give us a lot of laughs... Widespread publicity for the event brings about 150 competitors to Greystoke in May. Among the 150 are many famous names including Dick Whitworth and Verena Johnston, plus daughters. Verena takes her lunch with her to eat on the way round and still finishes 2.6km in 46 minutes. Verena's comment at the finish: "I didn't know you were allowed to run. We could have gone much faster."

"Think logically and hurry slowly" should be the motto of all Border Liners!!"
from Newsletter no 11, May 1971

And for those who may not appreciate how far the technology has moved on...

"Two months have now elapsed since the JK and still no results have appeared"
Quote from then Chairman, Ian Andrew, 1973